Mischa Barton Sued for Crashing into Apartment Building

Mischa Barton Sued U Smashed Your U-Haul into Our Building!!!


Mischa Barton just got sued for one of the all-time worst parking jobs, which left her U-Haul truck jammed in a carport.

The homeowners’ association at The Park Wellington condos in West Hollywood wants Mischa to fork over $26,991.55 for some major repairs that had to be done after her not-so-brilliant move back in February.

Gossip Trendy broke the story … Mischa slammed the truck into plaster covered support beams at the complex.

According to the docs, obtained by Gossip Trendy, Mischa told the complex her then-bf, Adam Spaw, had rented the truck … so they tried to get the dough through his insurance. The claim was denied, and according to the suit … Mischa is actually listed in the police report as the driver — so, the Wellington wants her to pay up.

Fun fact: Spaw is one of the guys Mischa later got a restraining order against when she claimed he had a sex tape of them.