Ice Cube: Lamar Odom to BIG3? Hell Yeah!

Ice Cube: Lamar Odom to BIG3? … Hell Yeah!


If Lamar Odom wants to join the BIG3 league, Ice Cube says he’s got an invitation — there’s just one catch. 

Cube touched down in L.A. — getting into one of the biggest limos we’ve ever seen — when we asked how he felt about Odom expressing interest in his 3-on-3 league. 

“I love Lamar man. I’d love to see him play again.”

The issue … “Dude’s just gotta get in shape.”

If Lamar can get his fitness together, “We’d love to see him play.”

Cube also says he’s fired up for the 4-point shooting contest with LaVar Ball at Staples Center on Sunday — telling Gossip Trendy Sports he’s 100% down as long as Ball shows up. 

The good news for Cube … LaVar formally accepted minutes ago — and says he’s looking forward to “tasting that ass” after he beats the rapper. 

Seriously. LaVar actually said that.